Why Is PLC Automation Huge Job Prospect?

We can all agree that everything around us works based on automation.

The idea was to implement the technology to get the maximum performance. Even though most workers were afraid, because they thought that robots would replace them, the automation just increased the speed of the entire process, while workers are still indispensable.

So if you want to get a job prospect that will increase your current knowledge and make your education more specific, you should visit OnlinePLCsupport.com. The nature of PLC is to help you control the entire production line with ease while maintaining the automation with robust features.

PLC can range from switching a single motor by straightforward push button, to more complex programs that will help you in your specific industry. When it comes to PLC programming, you should understand how to design and implement an application based on customer needs.

Working on PLC program includes a set of instructions in graphical or textual form, which will represent the knowledge and control the routine of the automation system.

Using high-end PLC programming software means that you will get a combination of PLC hardware that will help you make an entry and develop code. The idea is to program on your PC and later download it back to the equipment.

On the other hand, software features HMI, or Human Machine Interface, as a graphical perspective of variables. As soon as you download the program you created on PLC, it will understand how it works and put it in Run mode. After a few minutes, it will start working based on the nature of the program continues and without too much hassle.

However, before you add the program to PLC’s hardware, you should understand the concept of PLC programming and essential basics that will help you make up your mind and find the future in this particular career:

PLCs have a long history, and you can learn about it by clicking here.

PLC Programming Basics

PLC features a high-end CPU that will stand the test of time without thinking about weather changes and conditions. It consists of two different programs:

  1. Operating System

The OS organizes all functions that you wish to program and to implement in already existing PLC. You should have in mind that sequences and operations of CPU are not entirely same as control task. Its tasks include:

  • Updating and outputting the process of inputs and outputs
  • It can handle a hot and warm restart
  • It can execute the user program
  • It can easily detect all faults and interprets
  • It manages memory area for additional convenience
  • It establishes communication with other devices within the system
  1. The User Program

The user program is a variety of functions that will finish an automated task and process. The users must create it and program it from the third-party PC. Later you should download it to CPU, and it will help you control the specific automated tasks such as:

  • It creates and initiates conditions that will allow it to start a particular task
  • It evaluates and reads output signals as well as others to check whether everything runs smoothly
  • It specifies output signals into analog and binary output signals
  • It executes and handles errors and potential interrupts

Check this website: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hydramatic to see which manufacturer first started with PLCs.

In today’s automation sector, you can choose various leading PLC manufacturers that will provide you wide array of PLCs from the affordable to high-end ones. Each PLC manufacturer has the general software that will allow it to configure the PLC hardware.

You should understand that PLC programming language depends on the manufacturers. While some manufacturers use standard programming languages, others use specific ones that you have to learn before you start working with it.

In most cases, we can divide PLC programming languages into two types based on the nature of language:


  • Structured Text (ST)
  • Instruction List (IL)


  • Function Block Diagram (FBD)
  • Ladder Diagrams (LD)
  • Sequential Function Chart (SFC)

When we compare text-based languages with graphical ones, it is important to mention that graphics are the most popular among many users because they feature convenient and straightforward programming features.

You can efficiently use all necessary functions and blocks in the standard library, and they include strings, counters, timers, numeric, comparators, bit-shift, arithmetic, calling features and many more.

PLC Programming Devices

As you can see from everything that says above, you cannot make a PLC program inside the PLC, but use the other device and download it into the CPU after you finish. The best way to modify, create and troubleshoot PLC program is by using programming devices, in most cases PC.

The idea is to connect the device to a PLC through a  connecting cable. The invention features a set of keys that will provide you instructions that you’ve programmed before. Most of them are simple to use and compact devices, while handheld ones have their limitations when compared with PCs.

That is the main reason why the most popular device for making PLC programs is a PC or Personal Computer. By using the high-end PC, you will be able to run a program and to test it in both online and offline mode. At the same time, it can monitor, edit and diagnose the program of the PLC in real time.

The convenient way of transferring the program to the PLC is straightforward. You should have in mind that PC features program code that will correspond with control application when you connect it to PLC. Soon afterward, you will notice that PLC will start implementing the program you added.

Ladder Logic

The most popular choice for PLC programming is using ladder logic diagram. It is the most convenient and purest form of programming. However, we recommend you to find out more about it and learn the necessary information before you start using it.

By learning Ladder Logic, you will be able to reach the unbelievable heights when it comes to programming. Have in mind that automation is the future, and by giving it a chance you will increase your job prospects and have a cozy life.