What Is A Sales Funnel?

When we mention a sales funnel, most people would be like: “what is a sales funnel?” and that is a great question. It is a common marketing strategy, but some people are not familiar with this particular term.

In general, a sales funnel is a marketing strategy that explains how a potential customer goes from finding you to buying your product or service. The question is why we call it a sales funnel. Because it is, narrow at the bottom and wide at the top.

At the very top, you can find your potential customers, while at the bottom customers that will continue buying from you. Your main idea is to turn potential customers into committed ones. Also, the sales will explain to you how to do it.

First Step – Raising Brand Awareness

At the top of the funnel, when no one knows anything about your business, the main goal is to get your name out there and to increase brand awareness. You will have to create a buzz about your service or product and to increase overall credibility of your brand.

You have to spend time and work towards building your brands. It means that you have to create an online presence and increase your social media presence by implementing content marketing, SEO and other promotional techniques and strategies.

Everything depends on your social media influence; some followers and content that you publish that will promote your service or products even more. You can even use traditional forms of marketing such as TV placements and commercials, of course, if you have a significant budget for promotional needs.

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You have to increase overall activity on social media, and that is the first step that you have to take. It is time to sign in and to provide quality and relevant content for your potential customers. It does not matter if you have just started; because you can find valuable influencer that will help, you reach the target audience.

It is important to be professional and to present yourself perfectly, which means that you have to implement quality content that will promote your mindset and increase customer satisfaction and engagement.

You have to create a professional and quality looking website with mobile friendly themes and landing pages that will prove valuable to visitors. The newsletter is necessary because today email is mostly used a medium that people check dozen times on a daily basis.

That way, you will engage with your audience, create communication and increase their respect and trust in your brand. It is the first step of the sales funnel that you have to add to your business to reach a wide audience.

Second Step – Building Customer Relationship

Since you created a valuable website that will allow your audience to follow you and purchase whatever they need, you will be able to create an engaging relationship. For example, the newsletter features numerous emails, and you have to start sending emails, to prove your existence and professionalism.

The middle of the funnel is where you engage with the customer so that you can make them comfortable with you and your brand. They have to understand that they should buy something from you, which is the main reason why you should continue with everything we talked about in the first segment.

You can provide them a discount or free product or service so that you can bring them closer to your products and create a meaningful relationship. Everything you have to offer is you. Check out this website: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/282364 to learn the best ways to build a relationship with customers.

Third Step – Potential Customers Are Becoming Recurring Customers

If you implemented the first two steps perfectly, your customers would trust you. Then you will start receiving the advantages of bringing them to the top of the funnel. They will have the sense of who you are and what you will do for them. The idea is to make them returning customers and to give them the ability to continue with engaging.

This particular point is the decision making, and you have to offer them something valuable that will compel them to take immediate action. You can do it by providing them call-to-action discount. For example, offering low memberships for the first fifty people who purchase some product or service.

You have to use all three steps all the time if you want to continue growing your customers.