Trusted Business Services from IT Companies in Canada

The IT Companies in Canada provide comprehensive support and services to your organization, which help you in complete infrastructure management. You can maximize the productivity ratio, increase revenues, save on expenses, and get the best possible ROI within the shortest span of time. Managed  IT Services  ensure 24X7 availability, punctuality, feasibility and conformance to the Canadian IT & business regulations.

The most important part of your business is customer relation management. Efficient communication channels can help you establish and sustain contacts with your customers consistently. What your organization needs is a functional infrastructure consisting of client-server intra-network, phone and fax lines, data and mail servers, internet, and probably the cloud services to support out of the box solutions.

The Outsourcing Vs In-house Dilemma

The process of migration from manual systems into computer based office seems like a simple task, at least when you think about it. Once you establish the network, install the hardware & software, and set up the whole infrastructure, you realize the complexity of managing it. This factor multiplies as your organizational network grows across the cities, provinces and beyond. At this time you obviously think of deploying an in-house IT management team. Let us take a look at how it works.

  • In-House IT Team: – The In-House IT team may have the specialization in handling your organizational needs efficiently. It can also develop in-house applications needed for the various departments and integrate them. But the process stops here. The prospects of business growth is now limited to the interaction between the IT team and the management team. The cost of managing an in-house IT team escalates consistently, while the returns are at the same level. Sophistication and improvement of IT services becomes a luxury you can’t afford. Soon the infrastructure and the systems in your organization become “outdated”.
  • Outsourcing IT Services: – Outsourcing the services to the IT companies in Canada could be a feasible alternative, if your organization is unable to afford the costs related to in-house IT team. Besides, they can update the hardware, software, servers, clients, and network devices to the latest versions in the market. Since they are solely dedicated to managed IT services, you can get the benefit of progressive technology adaptation.
  • The Feasibility Factor: – The IT companies in Canada offer you feasible services for client server management. You may opt for Windows server, Linux, Solaris, UNIX or even the legendary Netware from Novell. The client systems could be PCs, Macs, laptops, smart-phones, tablets, or any other latest mobile device. You may opt for UTP, optic fiber, or any other cabling system, or even Wi-Fi. The network devices in your organization could be routers, switches, modems, bridges, repeaters and others. You may choose any type of topology within the LAN/intranet and cloud networks. The IT companies have the solutions to meet all your needs. Technical and financial feasibility are the two key factors that make the services from IT companies affordable.

The Service Spectrum of IT Companies

  • Server Management: – Server management from IT companies in Canada includes server and OS installation, network layout, client configuration, protocol assignment etc. If your organization has multiple branches (within your city, province, or across the provinces), you can opt for cloud based network. The IT companies can install and configure sub-domains, trees, forests, sites, and organizational units from your primary domains. You might opt for centralized database server, or distributed systems. The companies can provide you with trusted data replication, backup, disk mirroring, and other security services.
  • Network Management: – The IT companies in Canada have the expertise to manage large, medium and small scale networks within your organization (regardless of the geographical distance between the branches). They can install, configure, repair and maintain the network according to the service level agreement (SLA) you sign with them. You may opt for hardware replacements, when the repair becomes more expensive.
  • Client Management: – The client systems in your network can be based on Windows, Linux, Mac, or Smart phone OS. You can always get the OS and system software updates from the IT companies. They can streamline the connectivity to mail server, printer server, internet server, and other shared resources.
  • Software Management: – IT companies in Canada can provide you with latest apps and software for office (document and spreadsheet applications), media files, presentations, CAD and other designing apps, etc. You may opt for open-source, Licensed, shared, and custom based apps for your specific IT needs. They provide you with cost effective solutions for your entire organization teams, from the marketing and sales force to the technical and production facilities.

The Business Benefits of IT Companies

  • Connectivity: -24X7 connectivity with your customers, suppliers, and vendors helps you in managing your marketing domains. Real time communication with your marketing teams can help you get the latest updates from the new leads, potential customers and the emerging markets. The IT companies can help streamline the entire mobile-mobile, mobile-server, and mobile-PC connectivity into one scope. Hence, you pay less for more number of services.
  • Trust: – Wirth an efficiently operational network and IT infrastructure, your organization can win the customers’ trust easily. The helpdesk and customer support cells can work to deliver better results. You will be able to handle the customer complaints and queries faster.
  • Consistency: – The IT companies in Canada keep your organizational infrastructure running with near zero downtime. They can offer corrective and preventive measures for troubleshooting. The alternate systems can keep your business process running, while they repair and restore the network and servers.
  • Cost Saving: – The statistical analysis based on the financial data can give you the savings after choosing the IT Company services. Of course the cost effectiveness depends on the efficiency of the service provider and the scope of the SLA you sign with them. The consultations with their customer support services can help you plan your service needs and long term investments. The ROI and profitability factors make the IT companies in Canada popular among small and startup business entities.