How to remove a URL from Google

Removing URLs from Google

At the time of this writing, Google refers to its local business listing platform as “Google My Business.” Google My Business listings include a business’ name, primary url, phone number and physical street address. Your business listing information is available to prospects on a number of different Google platforms, including Google Maps.

Quite often, clients want to know how to set up their Google listing so that it includes all of the main highlights of their business, including photos and reviews. But, just as important, is how to deal with a Google listing when a company is going out of business, re-branding, or changing ownership. What do you do then?

Here are the steps to follow in removing urls from Google:

#1. Make sure that deleting a Google business listing is your most advantageous move.

Once you successfully delete a Google listing it’s a done deal, so first make sure that’s really what you want to do. For example, if someone is buying your business, it’s best to transfer ownership of your Google account rather than remove it. Most people who delete Google listings do so because they are no longer responsible for managing the various business locations within their Google account.

#2. Consider using the Google Search Console.

Within the Google Search Console, it’s an easy process to eliminate a URL from your Google business account. If you’re haven’t used the Console before, you can sign up for free at:

Once in the Console:

– Choose the website that you want deleted.

– Click on “Optimization” and next choose “Remove URL” in the sub-menu.

– Select “Create a new request for removal” for the page.

– Finally, hit “Continue.”

You can also elect to delete the URL from Bing within the Google Search Console.

However, even though this is the simplest way in removing urls from Google, it may not be the most thorough. You will often have to wait for a while for the deletion to take effect. And, even though the page will be removed from the Google index for 90 days, sometimes the URL can show up again if external links still point to it.

But, if you want the deletion to only be temporary, this is the best way to go.

#3. Your other option is to adjust the robots meta-element with NOINDEX.

To ensure that a URL is permanently removed from the index, you might want to go straight to the source code. Even though this method is a bit more complex, it’s definitely permanent. To do so, add the following code to the source code of the page that you want removed from the Google index: meta name=”robots” content=”noindex”. (This code should be configured like standard html code and inserted in the “head” area of the specific page.)

If the robots meta-element already contains the value “INDEX,” you can just insert “NOINDEX” instead.

This option also deletes the page from Bing automatically at the same time.


Get more out of your prepaid connection with prepaid plans

Your prepaid phone is only as good as the prepaid plan it uses – and you have the best combination at hand with Airtel mobile recharge!

If there is one thing in the world that goes on working for really long, it is your mobile phone.

We don’t mean to say that the handset you own today will last you till the end of time. Handsets may come and go, but the mobile prepaid plan that it has goes on for really long. You can change your handset, but the prepaid plan continues as before with every succeeding handset.

But what if you don’t want the prepaid plan to continue? You might be less than happy with it at the moment. It might be too expensive, or it might have less data than you need. The network might be patchy, or lack of customer care may be an issue. If you are on the lookout for the perfect prepaid mobile recharge plan that ticks all the boxes from great network to excellent price points, then you should simply look at the range of plans that Airtel has.

Airtel mobile recharge plans: The best in every possible way

Before we extol the virtues of why Airtel mobile recharge is the best option for you to pursue, here’s a look at their existing recharge plans:

* Rs 199: This plan has a validity of 28 days, and offers unlimited calls (local, STD and roaming incoming and outgoing), 100 SMSs per day and 1.4 GB 3G/4G data daily.

* Rs 399. The mobile recharge plan is valid for 70 days, provides unlimited calls (local, STD and roaming), 100 SMSs per day and 1.4 GB daily 3G/4G data.

* Rs 448: One of Airtel’s most popular prepaid plans, it has a pack validity of 82 days, with 1.4 GB data per day. Then there is unlimited calling (local, STD and roaming incoming and outgoing), and 100 SMSs per day, thus providing a cost-effective prepaid option.

* Rs 509: It has a validity of 90 days, with other features remaining the same as the plans listed above. It is extremely cost effective.

Though every mobile service provider claims to have the best prepaid plans at great prices, only Airtel is able to deliver on these claims because:

  • It has the fastest network speeds, as attested to by Ookla speed tests.
  • It has the best network coverage, with zero to minimal call drops and no outages.
  • It has a pan-India presence, so you can find a prepaid connection wherever you go.
  • You can complete the mobile recharge online in just a few steps.
  • The company provides superior customer care 24/7.
  • The purchase process is really easy – apply for the plan online and let Airtel take care of the rest.

So why suffer with another mobile recharge plan when you can have your pick of the best plans from Airtel?

Internet Marketing 101: Strategies And Solutions

Internet marketing remains an incredibly effective way to connect with individuals and convert them into enthusiastic consumers of your brand. If you’re trying to gain basic information regarding digital advertising strategies you can use to facilitate this outcome, review the following information:

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Is Important.

If you’re serious about making your internet marketing efforts successful, remember to put SEO at the top of your to do list. SEO is immensely important because it functions as the medium through which your brand becomes increasingly visible in the online realm. For example, a customized SEO program including strategies like link building and keyword analysis can empower your website to attain page one ranking in the results pages. If this happens, the amount of traffic your website receives can increase, thereby improving your brand recognition and conversion levels.

2. Content Marketing Counts.

Content marketing is another important digital advertising strategy that can be appropriated to draw more clients to your brand. This strategy works as you develop intriguing, information-rich content that will be of value to your target market. To succeed with the content marketing process, it’s important to do target market research so you can familiarize yourself with the needs, values, and shopping behavior of the individuals who are most likely to buy your products and services.

Something Else To Remember

One final thing to remember is that internet marketing isn’t all about the use of key strategies like SEO, content marketing, and SMO. Additionally, it involves things like remembering to have all the supplies and resources you need to maintain a strong internet connection and continually communicate with your staff. With this reality in mind, consider the value of obtaining key products such as broadband power dividers provided by companies like Werlatone.


People who are serious about making their companies incredibly successful should know that using sound internet marketing principles can help them realize the goal. Review the information found in this post to ensure that you can take your ecommerce efforts to the next level this season!…

How to Make Your Website GDPR Compliant

From May 25, 2018, the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) has been made mandatory for (a) websites based in the European Union or EU and (b) websites from around the globe who receive visitors from the EU. The GDPR has laid down certain guidelines to be followed, failing which steep penalties and fines are levied. As a website owner, it is important to comply with these norms to avoid attracting any penalty/fine and make your customer feel safe. While we usually recommend site owners to talk to a lawyer or a GDPR-professional for ensuring compliance with the regulations. Here is a quick to-do list that can help you make your WordPress website GDPR compliant.

Check your WordPress version – It should be 4.9.6 or higher

To help WP users, the developers released version 4.9.6 of WordPress which added some important features ensuring GDPR compliance:

  • An opt-in for comments cookies
  • Options to export and erase personal data (available under tools on your dashboard)
  • A tool to generate Privacy Policy for your website

As a WordPress user, you might be already aware of the importance of keeping the core, plugins, and themes updated at all times. If your business is not leaving you with enough time to install these updates when they are released, then you might want to consider a WP Hosting plan offering automatic WordPress updates.

Make the Privacy Policy GDPR-compliant

Under GDPR, you are required to include disclosures regarding the collection of data and cookies on your website. If your site includes contact forms, then ensure that you include a checkbox seeking the user’s approval to be contacted. You are also required to seek consent from every customer before sharing newsletters which can be done by creating a checkbox in the opt-in form. Necessary changes to the privacy policy need to be made too.

Cookie Disclosure

Apart from including a disclosure about using cookies in your privacy policy, you are required to add a notice about Cookie Disclosure and Acceptance on the first page visited by every user.

Option to add or delete personal information

You have to provide the users with an option to add or delete their personal information stored with you. A contact form can be created to receive such requests from users.

Notify users about updates in policy or incidents of data breach

If your website has user accounts or sends newsletters, then you are mandated to inform users of any changes in policy. Further, you have to notify the users of any data breach incidents.


These tips can help you make your WP website GDPR compliant to a great extent. However, you must remember that every website needs to take different steps to ensure compliance. Hence, talking to a lawyer or a professional can ensure that you don’t overlook any regulation. The online community expects your website to ensure the security and privacy of their data. Get your website GDPR-compliant and live up to the trust endowed upon you …

5 most important factors of local SEO

local seo

There are a lot of SEO things which should be kept in mind in order for the site to rank. You are investing a lot of your time and you surely won’t want that all your efforts will go in vain. You will want people to actually get to your site and get you traffic. This article covers five factors which you should keep in mind.

Best Local SEO Guide suggest local citations

You must build the local citation which is also referred to as a nap listing. Nap simply means name, address, and phone. Best Local SEO Guide will advise you to be very consistent in nap listing and provide identical accurate information. You can take the help of the paid tool like Moz local or can try number free citations all by yourself. Just take the aid of mojo pages or kudzu. You can build you directories on insider pages, city search or hot frog. You can even search on the google for citation opportunities like local TV station or radio station. Even the directory of local newspaper will help you.

Create a g+ local page

You need to get your page verified by the google. You need to realize that there is a difference between google local page and google business page.  The local page can be accessed from the Google + and it holds the basic knowledge of name, phone number, and address. It also contains the information regarding the website. The pages show the exact location of the business which is located on the google map. This Google + do more than that and help in the SEO. You need to get registered with Google + as it will drag the information from them to display on Google.  You just have to have a profile for Google + and get it verified. You will need to verify a pin number through the phone.

On-site factors

There are several local SEO factors you will really take care of few of the on-site factors such as title tags and meta description. You need to be sure that the meta description has called to action phrases. Your content must be high and the mobile responsiveness must be high.

Best Local SEO Guide suggest local citations

You must build the local citation which is also referred to as a nap listing. Nap simply means name, address, and phone. Best Local SEO Guide will advise you to be very consistent in nap listing and provide identical accurate information. You can take the help of the paid tool like Moz local or can try number free citations all by yourself. Just take the aid of mojo pages or kudzu. You can build you directories on insider pages, city search or hot frog. You can even search on the google for citation opportunities like local TV station or radio station. Even the directory of local newspaper will help you.

Link Building

Local link building is also very important from the SEO point …

How to integrate online and offline marketing strategy?

Marketing a brand means defining the target audience, formulating a marketing strategy that appeals to them and utilizing their actions. Since every target audience is different from one another, marketing efforts vary from business to business and brands to brands. But one trait that is common amongst all of these people is that they are available online and like sharing their offline experience online. It has opened a channel for digital marketers to create a connection between their online marketing efforts and offline sales campaign.  Let’s find out how Virginia digital marketing companies integrate online and offline strategies to reap maximum ROI.

Bring Offline Events Online

An event can prove to be an effective marketing strategy to attract audience offline and gather them at one place. This offline marketing strategy can help you in a grand launch of your brand or product or celebrate milestone or anniversaries. It gives brands a chance to connect with their target group personally.

If you have planned an offline event, promote it online as well. Announce the opening of your new café or line of clothing over social media channels. Promote the event through email marketing, display ads or FB ads. Create hype around the event by devising a count-down campaign can post it across the channels. Promoting events online can give you a rough idea on how many people are interested in joining your event. It creates a readymade list of potential customers. During the event, go online by going live and posting event pictures. Doing so will keep those in the loop which couldn’t attend your event.

Bring Offline Sales Online

Though in-store promotional activities are a great way to get customers frequently visiting your store why limit these activities only for people who are offline. A digital marketing consultant would help you take your in-store activity online and create greater reach and visibility.

To integrate your offline sale online, give a catchy name to your promotion and create a Hash tag. You can make your campaign visually appealing by using graphic and pictures of your products or store. One way through which brands and marketers are bringing offline campaigns online is by giving customers a discount coupon that can be redeemed only online.

Bring Offline Swag Online

Branded swag is one of the best ways to boost online exposure and offline sale. T-shirts, bags, and hats with brands’ logo and message work as mobile advertising. How can you bring it online? Simply put pictures of your customers using your products, or using your branded gears online. Most campaigns encourage customers to post their picture with the brand’s product online.

Some other Offline to Online Marketing Ideas

  • One way to integrate online marketing with offline efforts is asking customers to post their reviews and product experience online.
  • Share your memorable anecdote that involves a customer on your blog or newsletter.
  • Find out which offline adverting material is generating more queries and conversions.

Get Better Search Engine Rankings With WordPress

phoenix website design

Are you thinking of having your website re-designed? Or are you going to have a new website built? If so it is vital that your website is built correctly, not only graphically but also technically so that it works well within the search engines. LinkHelpers Phoenix Web Design Company create awesome tips from this guide below.

All of this can be done in several ways but if you want to manage your own content and images the best way is WordPress.

WordPress was originally conceived as a blogging platform but now with the coding skills of PHP and knowledge of MYSQL databases any design can be custom built onto the WordPress system which is free to download as it is an open source software package.

The beauty of having a design on the WordPress system is that it gives you the flexability of a content management system. This will allow you to add and change your content in the form of text and images. There are also a whole host of pluggins available to help with things such as booking forms, flash imagery, photo galleries and search engine optimsation packages. You can also have plugins that automatically tweet on Twitter your latest blog so everything is done at once and from one place. It really is a simple way of managing a website and with thousands on developers constantly adding new plugins there is no end to what can be achieved.

This now brings us onto how important WordPress is from an SEO (search engine optimisation) perspective. With the plugins available you can make sure your meta tags (page titles, description and keywords) are all releveant to your industry and target audience simply with the click of a button. The important bit is that because you have the option of adding content in the form of pages and blogs easily the search engines will find your website more interesting with unique content to read and so your importance to them goes up and so does your ranking.

Content really is king for good rankings on the modern internet and what WordPress does is allow you to simply add pages and integrated blogs as and when you like which in turn improves your website from the view of a search engine and user.

A WordPress website will also save you money in the long run, ok, it maybe more expensive to build compared to a static design but because you will be able to control everything that goes on you wont have to pay a web designer for updates which over the course of a year can be a good saving.

So if you are looking to have your website re-designed or built, ask the web developer/ designer about WordPress, it will be the best thing you can do for your website and your business.…

Incorporating Social Media Marketing into Your SEO Efforts

For those that have tried SEO, they may find that it can be a slow and even frustrating process. One of the issues that come with this type of marketing is that there is a lot of information available on SEO. Another thing to consider is that a lot of the information has been released over the years while search engines have been going through a lot of changes in their algorithms. Therefore, some of the information that is available might not have all of the information you need in order to find the right method for SEO.

One thing you can use in order to help with SEO is social media. As a matter of fact, social media is one of the most important tools you can use for your online business or website. When using SEO, you have to remember to do more than just submit links to your website every time you update it, especially if you have a new social media account. It is very likely that no one is going to see your social media account. Therefore, you are going to have to get involved in various communities and participate in many discussions.

While you are engaging in communities, you would be gaining a lot of followers. Then you can share links to your site. Another good advantage to social media is that your social profile will get a higher ranking on search engines as you get involved in communities. Therefore, when someone is seeking out your company, you will at least have your social profile ranking highly that they can click on. Then they can visit your website through your profile. This will help you gain traffic to your site as you eventually get your site to a high rank with the keywords you are optimizing for.

Even with social media, it is still important to provide SEO on your page. The only thing is that it can take time to keep providing content. Fortunately, you can find a Seattle SEO Agency that is willing and able to provide content for your niche so that you can reap the benefits of your hard work. One good approach to this type of SEO service is allowing the SEO service provider to handle the content on your website while you deal with the marketing outside of your website. This makes everything more efficient.

When it comes to marketing and SEO, the whole point is to make sure that people see you so that they will have the choice to interact with you in the way you need to profit from them. The most important thing to do is give the users what they are looking for and establish yourself as a trustworthy source of information in your niche. Also, the best thing to do is making sure that there are regular amounts of updates being added to your site so that you can keep giving people a reason to visit your site. This can be …

What Is A Sales Funnel?

When we mention a sales funnel, most people would be like: “what is a sales funnel?” and that is a great question. It is a common marketing strategy, but some people are not familiar with this particular term.

In general, a sales funnel is a marketing strategy that explains how a potential customer goes from finding you to buying your product or service. The question is why we call it a sales funnel. Because it is, narrow at the bottom and wide at the top.

At the very top, you can find your potential customers, while at the bottom customers that will continue buying from you. Your main idea is to turn potential customers into committed ones. Also, the sales will explain to you how to do it.

First Step – Raising Brand Awareness

At the top of the funnel, when no one knows anything about your business, the main goal is to get your name out there and to increase brand awareness. You will have to create a buzz about your service or product and to increase overall credibility of your brand.

You have to spend time and work towards building your brands. It means that you have to create an online presence and increase your social media presence by implementing content marketing, SEO and other promotional techniques and strategies.

Everything depends on your social media influence; some followers and content that you publish that will promote your service or products even more. You can even use traditional forms of marketing such as TV placements and commercials, of course, if you have a significant budget for promotional needs.

To understand the idea of the sales funnel, we recommend you to click here.

You have to increase overall activity on social media, and that is the first step that you have to take. It is time to sign in and to provide quality and relevant content for your potential customers. It does not matter if you have just started; because you can find valuable influencer that will help, you reach the target audience.

It is important to be professional and to present yourself perfectly, which means that you have to implement quality content that will promote your mindset and increase customer satisfaction and engagement.

You have to create a professional and quality looking website with mobile friendly themes and landing pages that will prove valuable to visitors. The newsletter is necessary because today email is mostly used a medium that people check dozen times on a daily basis.

That way, you will engage with your audience, create communication and increase their respect and trust in your brand. It is the first step of the sales funnel that you have to add to your business to reach a wide audience.

Second Step – Building Customer Relationship

Since you created a valuable website that will allow your audience to follow you and purchase whatever they need, you will be able to create an engaging relationship. For example, the newsletter features numerous emails, …

Things You Should Understand When It Comes To Marketing Attribution Software

If you want to hear definition, marketing attribution is the credit of value that you provide to a specific marketing touch point. It is a science that will determine what marketing and media will drive the profit and revenue strategy.

The, more complex perspective of marketing attribution is that it represents a bridge between sales data and marketing data. It analyses what is going on during the process of engagement and conversion.

At the same time, attribution will provide you a quantifiable evaluation of marketing efforts and their traceable and detectable effects on overall revenue. When it comes to industry terminology, marketing attribution will tie revenue accountability with marketing functions.

The latest technology allowed consider attribution tracking using Gauges, which is another way of pointing it out. However, let us see what marketing attribution represents in real time so that you can understand how to implement software.

Challenges of Marketing Attribution

Even though it sounds simple in definition, this particular practice is challenging and requires comprehensive knowledge. Most marketers have an only tiny understanding on the idea of attribution, and they do not know how to analyze and assign it.

It is difficult to define with numbers and absolute certainty that the value of each channel, touch point and marketing phase throughout the process. At the same time, when you add the difficulty of creating and assigning marketing attribution, you should have in mind that marketers today have to face with the convoluted sales funnel.

Therefore, if you have an understanding of attribution, and if you defined attribution values, you will be able to identify touch points that will help you increase overall promotion. Since today’s marketing uses a wide array of channels, most of them are out of your control.

We recommend you to click here if you want to learn more on marketing attribution.

That is the main reason why for proper attribution you have to assign and consider appropriate values to all channels. That way, you will be able to evaluate marketing efforts and optimize budget for next campaigns

If you want us to complicate even further, you should understand that changing market requires immediate adjustment of your attribution standards. If you use an outdated model, you will not be able to keep pace with today’s marketing customers and channels.

Therefore, most marketers will face extra challenges due to existing partner contracts and inflexible budgets, which will increase the difficulty in changing certain attribution methodologies. Since we have time for the investment that will help our marketing efforts, you will have to develop an improved strategy that will increase your overall revenue.

Best Ways to Improve Marketing Attribution

Even though it seems that these challenges are difficult, you will be able to optimize them per your preferences and convenience. Of course, they are difficult, but you will be able to do it. However, we want to start with what you should not do. Since legacy attribution methods are not effective anymore, you have to consider cross-channel …