How to make your WordPress website more safe?

WordPress is one of the most user-friendly Content Management Systems out there and you can almost do anything with it. But it has a few downsides. If you do not change the default configuration of your site, a hacker can immediately know how to log into your website’s admin area. By just typing in, the hacker will reach the login screen of your website. So, are you worried about the security of your WordPress website? Then you have come to the right place.

Fortunately, you can take certain preventive measures to minimize the risk of getting your website to hack. Here are some of them:

Carry regular backups

It is essential to keep a copy of your WordPress website frequently. This is meant for restoring your website after a hacking attempt. There are plenty of free and premium WordPress security plugins that can help you for this purpose.

Do not use ‘Admin’ as your username

Most of the website owners have used ‘Admin’ as their username. Make sure you change your username to something else so that you can protect your website from hackers. You can also use an email ID as your login. This will make your website more secure.

Use SSL for encrypting the data

One of the smartest moves you can make to secure your admin panel is to implement an SSL certificate.  It ensures secure data transfer between the browser of the user and the server so no hacker can break into the connection. It is pretty easy to get an SSL certificate for your website. In case you didn’t know, SSL plays a significant role in improving the ranking of your website in Google. So, along with protecting your website, you will also enjoy more traffic.

Disable file editing

Whenever a user who has admin rights accesses the WordPress dashboard, he can edit the files that are even a part of WordPress installation and that also includes your themes and plugins. Therefore, it is better to disallow file editing. In this way, if a hacker obtains the admin access, he will not be able to modify any file from your WordPress dashboard.

Be careful in setting the directory permissions

Wrong directory permission can be fatal for your website. It is in your best interest if you change the file and directory permissions for securing your website. Set the permissions to 755 and files to 644. This will protect the whole file system.

Update your website regularly

Updating the website regularly is a crucial factor in its security. These updates fix the bugs and security patches without which you are actually exposing your website to hackers and criminals. Whether it is WordPress itself or its plugins and themes, you must update them regularly.

Do not take the security of your website for granted. You must do whatever in your means for taking care of the security of your website and fortunately there are lots of WordPress plugins for this purpose available. What are you waiting for, start working to make your WordPress website secure.