How to integrate online and offline marketing strategy?

Marketing a brand means defining the target audience, formulating a marketing strategy that appeals to them and utilizing their actions. Since every target audience is different from one another, marketing efforts vary from business to business and brands to brands. But one trait that is common amongst all of these people is that they are available online and like sharing their offline experience online. It has opened a channel for digital marketers to create a connection between their online marketing efforts and offline sales campaign.  Let’s find out how Virginia digital marketing companies integrate online and offline strategies to reap maximum ROI.

Bring Offline Events Online

An event can prove to be an effective marketing strategy to attract audience offline and gather them at one place. This offline marketing strategy can help you in a grand launch of your brand or product or celebrate milestone or anniversaries. It gives brands a chance to connect with their target group personally.

If you have planned an offline event, promote it online as well. Announce the opening of your new café or line of clothing over social media channels. Promote the event through email marketing, display ads or FB ads. Create hype around the event by devising a count-down campaign can post it across the channels. Promoting events online can give you a rough idea on how many people are interested in joining your event. It creates a readymade list of potential customers. During the event, go online by going live and posting event pictures. Doing so will keep those in the loop which couldn’t attend your event.

Bring Offline Sales Online

Though in-store promotional activities are a great way to get customers frequently visiting your store why limit these activities only for people who are offline. A digital marketing consultant would help you take your in-store activity online and create greater reach and visibility.

To integrate your offline sale online, give a catchy name to your promotion and create a Hash tag. You can make your campaign visually appealing by using graphic and pictures of your products or store. One way through which brands and marketers are bringing offline campaigns online is by giving customers a discount coupon that can be redeemed only online.

Bring Offline Swag Online

Branded swag is one of the best ways to boost online exposure and offline sale. T-shirts, bags, and hats with brands’ logo and message work as mobile advertising. How can you bring it online? Simply put pictures of your customers using your products, or using your branded gears online. Most campaigns encourage customers to post their picture with the brand’s product online.

Some other Offline to Online Marketing Ideas

  • One way to integrate online marketing with offline efforts is asking customers to post their reviews and product experience online.
  • Share your memorable anecdote that involves a customer on your blog or newsletter.
  • Find out which offline adverting material is generating more queries and conversions.