Hashtags FAQ – Social Media Know how

  1. What is a “hashtag”?

A hashtag is a word starting with hash character – “#”. E.g., #MyCoolCat is a hashtag. #HelloWorld is also a hashtag. Few other examples of hashtags are: #BillGates #Vic20 #HotGrill #JeSuisCharlie etc

  1. Are only Social Media sites using hashtags?

Almost all internet sites are using hashtags, but yes, the main hashtags users are on social media websites like Twitter, Facebook, Twitter and.

  1. Are hashtags must be English words?

No, a Hashtag can be any type of string combined of letters and numbers. #BrownTomatoe o is a valid hashtag, even that it is not an English word.

  1. How many hashtags are on Twitter / Social media?

There is an immeasurablenumber of hashtags! A hashtag can be any long permutationof numbers and letters,which means that you can createany type of word you would like: #computer665and #computer666 are different hashtags!

  1. What are the best hashtags to use?

It is hard to say which hashtags are the best to use because there are so many of them and trends vary over time, so you may want to you use a hashtag tool like TagPredict, which gives you live trends of hashtags popularity. You can download this tool for free, from the Google Webstore.

  1. How many people are using hashtags?

It is hard to tell how many people are using hashtags on social media, but of course all social media users are seeing hashtags at least once a day – what makes it a very powerful tool.


  1. How can I know if hashtags is good to use or not?

Try the following site: http://hashtags.tagpredict.comYou can see on it the daily hashtags trends on blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google.

  1. Do I need to use different hashtags on different posts?

If you use the most trending / most popular hashtags, you are more likely to be exposed to new audiences. Better than to use the most popular and current hashtags, when you post something.

  1. Where can I find more information on hashtags?

There are some good articles about hashtags on the internet, start with this blog item, and continue from there.

Enjoy it!