What is a seed box and why should you get one?

These days, privacy has become a pressing issue wherein every single person wants to ensure that whatever he does on the internet is protected and hidden from the eyes of every one else. All these concerns are valid as well given the high levels of scrutiny and close watch that the government or even big corporations keep on your day to day activities on the world wide web. So, it is only the wise thing to do to try to protect your presence or identity online through a good seed box. There are many such seed box servers or proxies available on the internet for you to pick out, you can get more info on them through a simple google search.


A seed box acts like a server in itself that offers high speed data for downloading and uploading on the internet while also hiding your identity behind a neutral IP address or host. You can download and upload torrents at extremely high and impressive speeds that can prove beneficial to someone who regularly engages in the same.

It is actually quite easy to install and use a seed box. You can get more info on the same through the website of the server you opt for, but generally they run on the same few algorithms. Every seed box has one or more clients of torrents with a user friendly interface, where you can just log in through any system or browser or location and control the seed box remotely. You can download a torrent on the seed box directly and then it becomes available for you to download to your system whenever you wish to. It is quick, easy and very effective.

What are the benefits of a seed box?

There are a few undeniable perks of using a seed box that only this server can offer you:

  1. High speed and high quality downloads and uploads to ensure a smoother functioning and higher client satisfaction. This is possible because of internal data centres that can connect to the internet really fast.
  2. You can be sure of your privacy being intact, and trust the seed box with your safety. They mask the IP address so that no fishy parties can trace back any download or upload to you, making sure what you do remains private.
  3. The price variability of seed boxes is a great weigh in factor for the product. Cheap seed boxes are widely available nearly any where in the market, and with a little bit of background research you can lay your hands on one. You can get more info on cheap seed boxes through simple google searches.

Seed boxes are easy, convenient to use and almost a necessity for active internet users these days. Search for a cheap seed box to try your hand at one, today!