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Practical and Helpful Tips: Tips

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What You Get When You Unlock Your Smartphone

An unlocked smartphone is one that isn’t bound to a certain contract or service provider. Hence, you enjoy the freedom to go for the newest phones and plans whenever you want.

Here are more advantages of unlocking your cell phone:

1. You save cash.

There are unlocked phones that cost more up front when compared to phones that are financed by carriers. However, when split out over two years and in combination with a cheaper voice or data plan, the price will be lower than the total monthly payments you make within a two-year contract.

By unlocking your phone, you can still use older text, voice or data plans. This can save you money and let you to maintain the plan you are happy with. With unlocked phones not being tied to certain carriers, you have a wider range of phones and features as options.

2. You will b able to use the phone overseas.

Unlocked phones give unmatched flexibility to individuals who travel abroad, such as international tourists, businessmen and tourists. Because international roaming rates with a phone locked to a U.S. network can be expensive, using an unlocked phone for travel abroad can save you cash. An unlocked phone will have you paying the same lower rate as locals do for local calls in that country. It could be as hassle-free as getting an unlocked phone in the U.S., flying to another country and getting a local SIM card.

Dual-SIM unlocked phones can take up to two SIM cards in one phone. That means you can put both a U.S. SIM card and local SIM card in the same phone. Also, you can use a dual SIM phone at home so that you can separate your business line from your personal line – again, in a single phone.

Setting Up an Unlocked Smartphone

To be able to use an unlocked phone in the U.S. or in another country, you have to get a SIM card for your chosen carrier. SIM cards are very small cards housing user and carrier data in your smartphone. If you buy a new phone or get a new unlocked phone, you can pull out the SIM card in your old phone and place it in the new one. In case your old SIM is not compatible due to a size difference, or if you are shifting to another carrier, you must get a new SIM card.

Is Unlocking Your Phone Illegal?

As of today, there is no legal barrier to unlocking your phone. In fact, you can even have the device unlocked through your carrier, but expect the process to be more complicated. That’s the reason people would usually go straight to a technician.