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Your Guide in Choosing a Data Logger to Buy Whether you have been into data logging for many years now or someone who has just started in it, this article will aid you in the process of selecting the best and the right data logger for you. Right here, you will be provided with the basic considerations in choosing a data logger and some information on the features that you need to look for. MEASUREMENT ACCURACY Whatever it is that you need to measure, it is very important that you know and understand about your own measurement accuracy requirements. In the case where you only need to measure the temperature if your office air conditioner, you may just have to require a +/- 2-degrees temperature measurement accuracy. But when you need to keep track of temperature-sensitive products, a device of far greater accuracy may be the one that you need. If you are purchasing the device for a research lab’s use, greater accuracy will also be needed.
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Different types of data logging devices do have their own accuracy specifications. If you have a clear understanding on the accuracy requirements of the activities that you will do, you can prevent spending your hard-earned money for accuracy that will not be useful to you. Before you make a purchase of a device like this, see to it that you check the charts that provide a comprehensive information of the accuracy of the device as matched to its entire measurement range. Never rely on just one value.
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RESOLUTION PERFORMANCE Next very important aspect to check is the resolution of the data logger. Resolution is the capability if the data logger to report the number of increments of a value. For instance, a data logging device with a 12-bit resolution may be able to report 4,096 values over a specific temperature range. But although a 12-bit resolution data logger may provide more resolution than the 8-bit model, it does not always follow that higher resolutions is equal to better measurements. For always, a good and expert data logger supplier can provide you a good kind of assistance whenever you feel so unsure with your application’s requirements for resolution and accuracy. HOW LASTING IS THE DEVICE In the process of purchasing a data logger, it is necessary for you to check the weather of the conditions of the place where it will situated and used and to determine if the same can withstand such. For example, a data logger with hard plastic enclosure may do the job if you meant to perform monitoring in a hallway that leads to your office. The longer the product will ensure, the better will your business be.