Finding Similarities Between Sales and Life

Finding Similarities Between Sales and Life

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How Compression Sleeves Can Benefit You

Garments that are often fitted to leg or arm and have stretchable and elastic nature are called as compression sleeves. And just some of their purposes is to treat the pain and swelling that is associated with lymphedema. And oftentimes, other known uses for compression sleeves are in exercising and sports. When making use of these sleeves for such activities, it helps in stabilizing the muscles and keep them from bouncing.

In case you don’t know, lymphedema is a kind of swelling that occurs in arm but in multiple limbs occasionally. The lymphatic fluid that accumulated in tissue is known either as primary or secondary lymphedema. As for the primary lymphedema, the causes are still unknown and the symptoms are quite rare and can develop on their own. On the other hand, the secondary lymphedema is commonly caused by surgery, radiation therapy or infection. Surgery specifically that is involving lymph node removal creates the highest risk of causing lymphedema. As soon as the symptoms have appeared, there are several methods that can be used to control them however, there’s still no cure available.

And as soon as lymphedema has been diagnosed, one of the common treatments that are being prescribed is wearing compression garment that is usually a stocking or sleeve. Usually, these sleeves are custom fitted to properly apply the amount of pressure for effective reduction of swelling. Wearing sleeves that are too tight isn’t recommended because this restricts blood flow and has to be removed as soon as possible. Typically, they’re not recommended for people with diabetes, hypertension or blood clots.

Users should be awake when wearing compression sleeves but there are some exceptions to this matter like where it’s wet such as dish washing, bathing and swimming as it can lead to skin irritation. The sleeve is a lot more effective when doing physical activity and has to be worn always. When wearing such, it is suggested to moisturize the skin, typically at night when the sleeve is removed before going to sleep.

You must have at least 2 sleeves and use it alternated. They might be washed in lukewarm or cold water with mild soap, ideally after every use. Then after, lay it out flat to dry and must never be wrung. Due to stretching, you should consider replacing them at least every 2 years. There are many colors, weights and fabrics that are available for compression sleeves and there are also compression gloves that are available for swollen hands. On the other hand, if you like to save money on buying these products, you may want to get prescription from doctors to cover the cost via insurance.