A Simple Plan: Software

A Simple Plan: Software

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Document Management Features – The Basics

Businesses these days are encountering more challenges than they ever did before. With technology having such a strong influence on almost each aspect of modern business, organizations usually struggle with how to best take on the workday. Good thing there’s document management software.

In simple terms, document management software is a system that helps people store and keep track of digital documents. Although this is the most basic function of the software, some products are built with functionality in mind through the following features:

Online Access
Doing Software The Right Way

With employees having to upload and download documents anytime and anywhere, cloud access is an absolute must. Though web-based document management systems are fast becoming the industry standard, there remain a number of systems out there that don’t offer web integration, and they should be avoided.
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Smart Organization

Document management can be problematic, particularly for expanding enterprises. The bigger a company becomes, the greater its document organization needs grow. When choosing a document management system, organizational hierarchy is one of the most critical features that must be considered. A smart filing system will help you find what you need with greater efficiency.

User-friendly Interface

Your will use your document management system on an everyday basis, so make sure the user interface is user-friendly to begin with. If it’s too complicated, productivity may actually decrease because of the delays that result from users having to decipher the system before they can perform the tasks at hand. If your document management system is such a tough nut to crack, the transition itself can take ages, which is bad for business.


Everyone has gone through the experience where reverting to a prior document can’t be done, and the sole option available is to start from scratch. Good document management systems save all versions of a document after it has been uploaded, which means you can go back to its history before any crucial changes were effected, and save what may otherwise become a worthless file.


If you have a large staff, it can be difficult to monitor the entire community. Permissions are a must in such a situation, allowing you to choose people who can delete or make changes to specific files. Good document management software gives administrators total control when it comes to assigning permissions in order to protect the files and the system itself from unauthorized users.

Full Compatibility

Everyone knows the rapid pace at which file formats have evolved and continue to evolve. It is not worth investing in document management software that has limited adaptability. More formats supported means better software.

When shopping for document management software, choose a product that offers all of the above features, plus a few others customized to your specific needs. This is how the system becomes truly useful.